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Hey, I'm Simona

The person behind.

When I was little,

I was interested in many professions, but none as much as that of a photographer.

From an early age,

I did everything I could to pursue this career path. 

A plan B never existed. 

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Since I quickly realized that as a photographer you often need a make-up artist, it was my goal to learn both professions.  I also learned to love the profession of a make-up artist and made it mine. So I completed my make-up training and studied photo design with an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education degree. I can now offer my resulting know-how in combination or independently. 

Now I've been in business for almost a decade and 100% self-employed for three years. Through my many years of professional experience, I have constantly evolved.

For me, the focus is on the individual. My customers should feel that they are in professional hands.

Every single request makes me happy and

I want to give this feeling back to my counterpart during the whole cooperation. 

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What drives me about my job? The daily variety of work, where I get to be creative and work with a wide range of people, companies and service providers. 

I feel the greatest fulfillment when I make my customers smile with my service. Then I know that I have done a good job, because I not only had to convince myself of my art, but also my counterpart. And that is always the highest goal for me in my job.

What my clients say...

We were allowed to experience a photo shoot with Simona in a wonderfully easy way. The result completely convinced us. We would immediately want Simona to be our professional photographer again.


Gabriela Manser (VRP Goba) & Urs Fueglistaller (HSG professor and pro-rector)

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